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Terms and Agreements

A) MISSED CLASSES If your child misses any days or sessions during the Summer camp, Royal Martial arts does not refund nor deduct it from any upcoming payment. Upon availability, your child your child may join a day in a different Summer camp week or a class in the upcoming September term, as we don’t want you to lose sessions which you paid for (in such a case please contact us). B) REFUNDS Fees are non-refundable unless it is due to extenuating circumstances that is medically related. Each case will be assessed on its merit with the provision of the necessary documentation. An administration fee of QAR 250 may be applicable. Refunds will be processed within 3 weeks from the date of approval. Royal Martial Arts management reserves the right to decides whether the refund will be provided or not. C) MEDICAL DISCLAIMER I, being the parent/guardian of the aforementioned student(s). I acknowledge that the above information is factually correct. I therefore agree to them participating in the activities of Royal Martial Arts and the use of all our sports equipment. I agree that I will not hold the coaches of Royal Martial Arts or the site liable for any losses, liabilities and damages, injury or death suffered or incurred by me or my child whilst taking part in any of the activities run by Royal Martial Arts. D) MEDIA CONSENT Photographs and / or videos may be taken of me or my child taking part in sporting activities for promotion of the club and displayed on social media, in accordance with child safeguarding guidelines.

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