Our Journey

We are Robert Koning and Jolanda Boersma from the Netherlands. In 2015, we took a leap of faith and moved to the Middle East, Qatar. It was a long road with many ups and downs, but in 2017, we could finally launch our company Royal Martial Arts.  We started with just one coach, 6 students and 6 training mats. But we are so very proud of the team that we have become, with many amazing students in our "martial arts family". 

Since March, our classes are suspended. We did not want our story to end here, so by using the advantage of the internet and new technologies such as Zoom, we transformed our classes into an online platform. 

Our Team

The face behind Royal Martial Arts - the logo, website, graphic design and customer support, is Jolanda Boersma. She'll be the first person to assist you in registration or any administrational problems. Our training sessions are run by coach Robert (Netherlands) and coach Olivia (The U.K.).  Both are very skilled in their field and have an extensive background in Martial Arts. 

Online Classes

We took things a little step further than just Zoom training sessions. We mixed our combined knowledge of personal health and coaching, martial arts, gymnastics, modern technology and web-building, followed lots of input from parents - students, and created an online learning platform for kids to stay active at home.


We took all the moves within our curriculum and digitized them in step-by-step videos, so students can practice at home. Each week, we upload online work-out videos, to follow at your own pace at your own time. We created workout music mixes (40min),  organize fun offline assignments and weekly challenges. Twice a week, we meet on Zoom for an active training session and we have one additional meeting for questions or to discuss homework. For any other questions, the coach is daily on standby between 1pm - 4pm, and will take 2 hours time for you individually (4 hours - VIP) to discuss your personal needs, challenges and progress.

Our Strength

We are not a big commercial business - which means we can give each students a lot of individual support, fast replies and personal attention. We know each of our students by name, we know their struggles, goals and training challenges. Whilst this makes our future very vulnerable during a time as COVID-19, it is so very rewarding to get know so many different students and to see them progress and grow. And if a student needs a little extra hand, we're always willing to go the extra mile or schedule some extra time.


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