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Kickboxing, Taekwondo, martial arts, karate, judo, boxing, qatar


Circuit Squad is a high-intensity workout, designed to burn calories, build strength and boost stamina, suitable for all fitness levels.

Our fast-paced Circuit Squad class will get your heart pumping, your legs moving and offers a killer full body workout you’ll love. This class will move you through a fast-paced circuit of muscle toning or aerobic

exercises to ensure your whole body feels the burn. Increase your strength and aerobic fitness whilst burning plenty of calories.There are a huge number of advantages of circuit workouts, from helping you lose weight/improve body composition or gain muscular endurance to being able to craft an entire workout using only body weight exercises. 

Kickboxing, Taekwondo, martial arts, karate, judo, boxing, qatar


Coach Nadine is a highly trained fitness professional and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. She specializes in all areas of fitness including weight loss, corrective exercise, core and  strength training.


Coach Nadine is a dynamic and vibrant coach, who transforms every class into a powerful and motivating workout. Her coaching style is characterized by positivism and enthusiasm. Nadine guides her participants through each movements, ensuring proper form while infusing every session with her infectious energy. Beyond the physical aspect, Nadine creates an inclusive and supportive environment where participants of all fitness levels feel welcome. Participants not only leave physically invigorated but also mentally recharged.

Kickboxing, Taekwondo, martial arts, karate, judo, boxing, qatar
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