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Parents about Royal Martial Arts

✓     Amazing amazing amazing! My boys absolutely love the classes!

✓     It's Fantastic! My three children can't wait to get there each session.

✓     The teacher is a very talented guy, couldn't wish for a better one!

✓     Awesome classes led by an awesome team! So lucky to have them at our compound.

✓     The team has always been very helpful and responsive to any questions we have asked. I recommend them highly.

✓     My son can't wait for the days when it is on! He has learnt so much and the instructors are amazing.  

✓     The children enjoy the classes every day, no need to drag them. Basically they drag us to the classes.

✓     There are no words good enough to describe Robert and Jolanda! Their programs are of big value to every age.

✓     It's fun, keeps you fit and teaches valuable life skills... I would recommend anyone to do it!!!

✓     We are very happy with this activity and the staff too! Robert and Jolanda are lovely people! Fully recommend it!

The classes are beyond amazing. Both of my sons attend the program twice a week and they are hooked to it!  Robert is fabulous, fun and energetic. The membership is very reasonable and worth every Riyal! We simply love it and the three of us look forward to our sessions!

I would like to praise the #TeamRoyal! We are super impressed with the coaching our kids/teens are getting. The classes are empowering them and strengthening them in the best possible manner, they are becoming disciplined strong respectful supportive confident individuals. Thank you from all of us. Go #TeamRoyal 💪🏻💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Students about Royal Martial Arts

✓     Always awesome classes with fun people and an awesome coach!

✓     Royal Martial Arts isn't just a martial arts team, it's a family where we learn cool stuff!
✓     Our coach, Robert Koning, is so supportive, fun, hard working and genuinely cares about us all.

✓     I've made so many good friends and learnt so much! 

✓     It's a great workout, while still being super fun!

✓     Every class is different but equally enjoyable. I always look forward to the classes.
✓     Royal Martial Arts teaches us great skills and how to defend ourselves.

✓     Coach Robert puts in lots of effort and ensures the classes are fun. Definitely recommend it!

✓     These classes are excellent to build up your martial art skills! Highly Recommended!!!!

✓     A great class, combing great fighting and defense techniques with amazing spinning and acrobatic tricks. 

I've been going to Royal Martial Arts since September 2015 now and I love it so much. I'm always looking forward to it, no matter what and it's improved my confidence so much. Everyone is so lovely, supportive and it doesn't matter how good you are, as long as you're having fun.

Even if you've never thought about doing Martial Arts you should 100% give it a go!

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